Project meeting, Stockholm, 4-5 November 2011

October 28, 2011 0 By admin

The next LISTA project meeting will take place at KTH during 4-5 November 2011.

Location: Osquldasväg 10

Getting there: One way is to hop on the Metro (Tunnelbana) and get to station Tekniska Högskolan. This is on red line north-bound. The least confusing way to get there, if people don’t immediately board the red line, is to change lines at T-Centralen (Central Station). The final station of the red line in the correct direction is Mörby Centrum. At Tekniska Högskolan one should exit going opposite the direction of the train and once outside the gates, make a turn to the left. The map on the link above would then be handy. Alternatively, just give us a call and one of us will meet you.  We are on the ground floor of the building. Once you enter through the gates you will see the elevator door. The door to our part of the floor is on the left-hand side of the elevator. Either ring the bell or just call Gustav or Petko (mobile numbers in email).

Thursday evening. For anyone arriving on Wednesday, it is suggested to meet at Slussen (Metro station of both the green and the red line) at say 7pm. There is a small square there close to the old city and a number of nice restaurants and cafes. Petko will be happy to lead the way. Suggest you contact him in advance to let him know you’re coming.

On Friday we will start at 9.30.


Draft agenda

1. Introduction

2. Progress reports by deliverables

D1.2 Temporal modifications in speakers UPV, UEDIN
D1.3 Effects of modifications on listeners UPV, UEDIN
D2.2 Context estimator for acoustic input KTH, UPV, FORTH
D3.1 Speaker and spectral adaptation UEDIN, UPV
D3.2 Prosodic adaptation UEDIN, UPV
D4.2 Sound class and intonation structure extraction FORTH, KTH, UPV

Discussion of milestones and performance indicators

MS2: Spectral/HMM adaptation
MS3: Prosodic modifications complete
MS4: Showcase specified
MS5: Context estimation

3. Evaluations
3.1 Interim evaluation
D5.1 Interim evaluation UEDIN
3.2 Clear speech challenge

4. Showcase

5. LISTA Workshop Edinburgh

6. Other items:
— Publication plans
— Progress of internships
— COST action
— Consortium agreement
— Next project meeting